The descent down the whitewaters in inflatable boats is a fun sport that attracts more and more people across the world and  is well established in Georgia for more than 10 years. Starting from Aragvi Adventure Center, our Rafting Tours are carried out on the river Pshavis Aragvi (15 km, 1h30min, cat. II-III), a tour with moderate difficulties that is enjoyable for everyone but nevertheless presents sufficient action to get splashed and be thrilled. The finish / take out is directly at the Center .

As you will be accompanied by experienced guides, there are no preconditions concerning physical fitness and you will be equipped with life jackets and helmets to avoid injuries in the rather unlikely event of falling into the water. However, you should know how to swim, be in good health and not be under influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, it is important to bring sturdy shoes that can handle wetness.


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